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Michigan Garage Door Repair Since 1990

Five Star Doors is a licence and insured garage door repair company providing Five Star rated service for residents of S.E. Michigan. We work on all residential garage doors and openers. Our most popular services include garage door spring repair, garage door cables, frozen or worn door roller replacement, insurance claims for damaged doors, garage door replacement, opener repair / replacement, and garage doors off track. 

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Top Rated Local Garage Door Service

Verified customer reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp have us rated as  top garage door service once again for 2019. Our facility is located 10 to 15 minutes  from Dearborn, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Franklin, Livonia, Redford, Southfield & West Bloomfield to provide fast emergency repairs. Also, perfectly situated to provide fast, affordable same day service to all residents of Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties. 

Expert Garage Door & Opener Repair

Chances are your neighbor or a family member has used us before. Our customer retention is 98%. We want to be your go to garage door company of choice. A live person is available during the day to answer you’re questions or provide you a quote.

  • We Use High Quality Parts From Service Spring Corp. Chamberlain, LiftMaster Openers
  • We Are Licensed & Insured
  • Same Day Service In Most Instance's
  • We Service All Current Makes & Model Garage Doors & Openers
  • The Technician Will Call You Approximately 10 Minutes Before Arrival.
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on-time, polite, professional garage door repairman

We are a  business that performs 100% of all their repairs, garage door, and opener installations. Andrew, Eric, James, Tyler, Shane, and Robert are some of the best trained and competent door/opener installers and garage door repairman in the industry. They are on-time, polite, professional, and bound to Five Star Doors overall goal of complete customer satisfaction. 

Below, are the most common garage door issues. Click on the link for more information and available coupons.

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Springs

There are three primary types of garage door springs. Torsion springs found on homes built after 1980, extension springs found on one-piece tilt-up doors, and a proprietary torsion spring used on Wayne Dalton Doors called TorqueMaster.

Why Your Next Garage Door Spring Repair Should Be From Five Star Doors

Torsion springs are the most common overhead door repair and the most dangerous for even seasoned experts. Most companies carry only five or six sizes of springs, thus have a 20% margin of error. They compensate by adding additional turns to each spring shortening the springs cycle life. ( Click Here to read about the danger of an unbalanced door). We stock 28 sizes of Service Spring torsion springs, regarded as the top torsion spring manufacturer in North America. We use a scale to weigh your door as paint, door hardware, door trim, and door struts can increase the original weight specifications. When sized and installed correctly, your door should open manually with minimum effort and will help extend the life of your opener and springs.

From torsion springs and extension springs to Wayne Dalton Springs to conversion kits we are the most complete garage door springs repair Co. We service every make and model garage door manufactured  We aim to offer the very best overall service call experience possible.

  • Same Day Broken Spring Replacement In Most Instance's
  • We use a scale to weigh your door to take all the guest work out of selecting the correct spring for your garage door.
  • The entire garage door system is checked, lubricated, parts tightened where appropriate. Finally, any recommendations are explained that will improve and/or extend the life of your garage door system.
  • Our service vehicles are stocked with 28 types of torsion springs. 98% of spring replacements are done in One visit.
  • A broken garage door spring can be a real inconvenience when your vehicle is trapped in the garage and you have somewhere important to be. Make us aware of your situation and we can give you rush service depending on the time/day of week
Even Extreme Cases
Door Garage Repair Off Track

Sometimes your garage door can get off track if it tries to shut and there is an object obstructing its path. Or, it can come off track from normal wear and tear of the tracks or the garage door panels may get out of alignment.

Our garage door technicians Can Get You Back On Track! Just as the picture shows, if your door came off One or both tracks your door will tilt at an angle or worst yet fall off entirely. Regardless, your door will not be able to open or close and in its current state presents a safety hazard to anyone standing in the vicinity. Besides, may also increase the overall repair cost. READ MORE

"After" Photo of Door Off Track
Garage Door Opener Repair

Same day garage door opener repair for customers searching for garage door opener repair near me, they can trust Five Star Doors who is local. We repair and stock parts for all Chamberlain garage door opener repair, Craftsman garage door opener repair, LiftMaster garage door opener repair, and Genie garage door opener repair. Call for Pricing and availability.

Garage Door Roller Repair

Many garage door rollers have unsealed bearings that no longer function after years of rolling back and forth in a dirty garage. The rollers condition can be so severe that the barrings within are frozen in place as the garage door cycles. The only thing you have to contemplate when you are going to replace your door rollers is the size of the garage door that you have. For a 7’ steel residential garage door, you will need ten rollers. Five-panel doors or 8’ doors will require 12 rollers.

Four Simple Steps You Can Do To Reduce Future Garage Door Issues

Step 1: With the door closed, check the two vertical tracks inside the garage. Each door track has several mounting brackets that hold each door track to the wall. Jiggle the door track, If the brackets are loose, firmly tighten the mounting bolts at each bracket. 

Examine the door tracks for rust, and any damage that might impede the door rollers from working smoothly. Rust, commonly found on door tracks, especially at the bottom where the tracks touch the water on the floor from rain and snow the vehicles bring in. Steel wool will remove any rust from the vertical track. If the door track is bent, place a short 2″x 4″ piece of wood up against the door track and use a hammer to straighten it out. The door rollers should move freely up and down the door track. If not, replace the section of the door track. Otherwise, it can shorten the life of your opener motor or strip the gears.

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A Worn Out Garage Door Roller Can Shorten The Life Of Your Opener

Step 2: Check the door rollers for wear and tear by listening for unusual sounds coming from the rollers as you open and close the door. The smoother the door opens and closes, the less force it takes your opener to make it cycle. All garage door openers have force adjustments. A door in optimal conditions (balanced and no restrictions) requires less force to cycle the door and thus making your door safer to use as the door will reverse with less energy should it hit an obstacle.

 If your door has steel rollers, replace them with nylon, bearings enclosed door rollers. They are a lot quieter and will be less forgiving on wear and tear on your opener.


Quarterly Garage Door Maintenance

Step 3: Thoroughly Clean the door tracks and rollers with a household cleaner such as scrubbing bubbles or Murphys oil soap to remove dirt and old grease. 

Step 4: Visually check for loose hinges and cables and tighten as needed. Damaged hinges should be replaced. On one-piece tilt-up doors, check the mounting plates where the extension spring is mounted to be sure the screws are tight and tighten as needed. For overhead or sectional doors, do not try to adjust the torsion springs. The springs are wound under enormous force, and any attempt to fix them can cause serious bodily harm. Pull the red release cord; This disengages the opener from the door. Now open and close the door manually. Does your door open effortlessly, or is it a strain to open and close? Your garage door could be out of balance and may require new springs.

Garage Door Replacement


As a Authorized Sales & Service Distributor, you can be assured that your Amarr garage door parts, new short panel garage door or long panel door will be professionally installed by an Five Star Doors garage door repairman.

Additionally, we provide an strut to better reinforce your new door, nylon ball rollers for smoother operation and longer life.

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We Service and Sell Safe-Way Garage Doors. Safeway offers outstanding quality and value on their insulated and non-insulated steel Michigan garagedoors. Our installers are trained and experienced enough to handle any condition such as replacing worn or rotten jams or headers. We offer a excellent product and labor warranty on all our installed.

Featured Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain 1.25 HP garage door opener brings exceptional value, quality, and practicality together in the ultimate garage door opener system. The 1-1/4 HP opener offers modern features such as using your smartphone to open and close the door and battery backup, so you or your family are never locked out of the garage or home. With the MyQ app on your PC or smartphone, you can receive alerts, open, close the door, or find the status of your door from virtually anywhere.

  • Battery backup – ensures entry in and out of the garage during power outages
  • The garage door opener’s belt drive is built with excellent steel materials for long-lasting, worry-free operation.
  • Maximum lifting force equivalent to 1-1/4 HP for better performance in heavy door weight conditions
  • Expanded range up to 1500-ft allows for quick entry – include two 3-button rolling code (100 billion code encryption) frequency remotes, control a combination of up to 3 openers.
  • Trusted safety and security – 100 billion code encryption protects against hacking, and the openers anti-theft protection assures that once the garage door closes, the door remains locked.
  • Highest quality materials – built from high-grade materials for unmatched performance and reliability
  • Safety sensors emit an invisible beam preventing the garage door from closing on people, animals, or other objects.

The opener features a super-strong steel-reinforced belt drive. Excellent for rooms above the garage or attached garages, the opener features anti-vibration technology to deliver years of quiet, smooth, performance anyone could sleep through. The garage door opener provides the maximum lifting capacity for any steel or wood garage door.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Affordable and fast garage door opener replacement on Chamberlain  and LiftMaster  openers. We are are the only company in Metro Detroit to offer Chamberlain openers as well as LiftMaster.  With the exception of the wall mount, jack shaft opener and the LiftMaster openers with DC motors the two are virtually the same opener yet the Chamberlains can be as much as $100 less with more bells and whistles. Visit our video page for a non-bias video on the features of each opener. Same day installation available in most cases. Professional installation includes safety inspection, disposal and recycling of old unit, extended labor warranty, and setup if desired..

Garage Door - Weather Stripping

Five Star Doors offers a full line of weatherstripping solutions to seal virtually any type of residential wood or steel garage door.  Our weather stripping/bottom seal products provide solutions for keeping pests out and warm air in by sealing gaps and closing up exposed areas around garage doors.

Many Colors To Choose From

Choose from a wide variety of weather stripping/garage door trim colors to effectively seal around door bottoms, jambs, headers, thresholds and in between doors. High quality materials such as rubber and polypropylene brush seals as well as PVC blade type products are available to ensure you are able to create the best sealing solution for your garage door. 

Whether you are a D.I.Y. or prefer to have one of our professional service technicians install it, when replacing old, worn out seals or sealing a new doorway, Five Star Doors has the right weather seal solution for you.


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Why Choose Us

We want you to feel comfortable that you’ve chosen the best quality garage door service company that strives to be the best. Scroll down to view the most recently submitted reviews.

  • We Use Our Own Employees. Professional, Polite, And On-Time
  • Same Day Service In Most Instance's
  • We Service All Current Makes & Model Garage Doors & Openers
  • The Technician Will Call You Approximately 10 Minutes Before Arrival.

Safe & Secure

We take the repair and replacement of door & opener parts very seriously and always have the homeowner & family best interest & safety in mind.


Outstanding Support

We personally answer all calls & will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule. We have the best trained, competent, door – opener installation & repair specialists in the industry.


Low Cost

Service includes: A 20-Point Safety Inspection, Lubricated, Parts Tightened Where Appropriate. Suggestions That Will Improve & Extend The Life Of Your Garage Door System for about 1/2 the cost of our closest competition

Garage Door Repair Reviews

Garage Door Opener Repair Dearborn MI – 5/5 Stars “As usual a great job. We have used Five Star Doors since purchasing our home 10 years ago and every visit has been positive. You guys are a overhead door specialist, prompt, quick and professional thanks again for the great service.” Rena Harp Dearborn

Garage Door Repair West Bloomfield MI – 5/5 Stars “I contacted Five Star Doors because of the quality of the reviews. Reviewers took the time and effort to write reviews with substance. Shane called me 10 minutes before arrival and arrived at the scheduled time. He quickly diagnosed that the opener gears were shot due to lifting the door with only one spring out of two. Shane provided me an estimate for two torsion springs and a new belt drive opener. No pressure to do the job that day when I told him I wanted two other quotes because it was over $500 for the two springs and opener. The two companies I called for a quote told me they had to see the door and opener in order to provide me a quote so both came that day. The first company was $300 higher and their opener had half the options as what Five Star quoted me. The second company was about $100 higher but tried to charge me a trip fee for coming out to my house. Both companies did a high-pressure sales routine which was very annoying. I had Shane back the next day to install the opener and springs and my garage door works better than ever and I love all the features on the Chamberlain belt drive opener. Thank you, Shane and Five Star Doors.” Christine W. West Bloomfield

Garage Door Opener Repair Southfield – 5/5 Stars “Replaced old opener with a new automatic garage door opener. The technician kept me informed, responded promptly, and worked with my schedule. Great service!” Jackson E. Southfield, MI

Garage Door Opener Repair , Detroit MI- 5/5 Stars – “Shane was prompt and efficient. He evaluated the problem with our door opener quickly and accurately. He gave us several options to consider for repair.” Chrissy D. Detroit

Garage Door Opener Repair, Grosse Pointe, MI – 5/5 STARS – “Andrew was the service guy who came out and could not have been more helpful with My  door opener repair, and I would highly recommend him.” Julie K. Grosse Pointe Shores

Garage Door Repair Farmington Hills MI – 5/5 Stars “One of the best service calls I have ever had. On-time, knowledgeable, handy, high quality. I have never given such a high rating. Night and Day from previous garage door service experience.” Randy T. Farmington Hills

Garage Door Opener Redford MI – 5/5 Stars – “The guys were very professional and courteous. They were so great that I asked for a quote to install an opener on another door. I will use them again. They went above and beyond expectations.” Angel M. Redford

Garage Doors Service  Franklin MI – 5/5 Stars “Prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. Can’t ask for anything more. They were here to replace the opener motor and do remote control garage door repair. They came out quickly for me and had the opener installed in about 45 minutes.” Christopher C. Franklin

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