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Are you a company that’s going to Hard Sell me?

No. Our technician will first inspect your door. A written estimate will be provided to fix your door into a safe working condition. The technician will bring to your attention any additional parts that could make your door run safer. The written estimate is to repair your door for a safe working condition. All other parts are optional at home owners request.

My home was built in the 60s. Do you fix doors, this old?

Safety First! Older Garage doors “from 80s and earlier” are doors that are no longer available. After decades of use, these doors may be unsafe. A repair estimate will be provided / new replacement .

I’m pretty handy at the home. Are most repair easy for me to do?

Garage Doors can weigh as much as 600 lbs. with many moving parts. Death or Serious Injury could result from tampering with a Garage Door. Public Warning. Discontinue use of your Garage Door/Opener if any parts are broken.

How long is a typical service stop?

30 to 45 minutes

My car is trapped inside the garage and I need to get out. Can I get same day service?

Yes. Under those circumstances usually 1 – 2 hours. We know how frustrating it can be. Call us for availability.

What if I’m out off town when my door breaks. Do I need to be at home?

No. Special arrangements can be made

When I push the button, the door won’t open why?

One of our most common questions. All modern garage door openers have a safety device that senses resistance. Resistance is caused by broken springs, broken hinges/rollers, and faulty doors/opener parts. These issues should be repaired by a qualified service technician. Discontinue use immediately.

When I push the button, the door won’t close why?

The openers safety device has been activated. All modern openers have more safety devices for closing the door than opening. These issues should be repaired by a qualified service technician. Discontinue use immediately.

I don’t know how old my broken garage door opener is. Can this be repaired.

Safety First! Any opener without safety beams is too old to fix. Any opener deemed unsafe, or replacement parts not available, a written estimate will be provided towards a replacement. Questions can be answered over the phone.

Is there any benefit if I change my current rollers with Low-Resistance rollers?

Dollar 4 dollar, the best investment you can make for your garage door & opener. Most manufactures use plastic rollers. plastic rollers bind,slide and stiffen your door. Low-Resistance rollers, roll smoother, safer, and are low maintenance. A Five Star Technician will bring to the attention of the homeowner the importance of replacing plastic rollers in the estimate.

My garage door is buckling in the open position can it be repaired?

Yes. Safety first, modern doors are prone to have stress cracks. Installing struts/stiffeners may prevent the need of purchasing a new door.

My door is making noise and working stiff. What can be done to fix this?

The most common problem are the rollers. Most doors use black plastic rollers, that bind, break, or just wear out. The Technician can replace these rollers with a low-resistance roller. Low-resistance rollers make your door work smooth, safe and dependable.

What are the most common repair issues with garage doors & openers?

Springs/Torsion Springs are the most common issue. (1) or (2) torsion springs are located above the door. Springs wind and unwind like a clock watch. This creates a counter balance for the weight of the door. After 1000s of uses they will eventually snap in half.

Gears are the mechanical parts located inside your opener box. These gears are turned by the motor which then turns the chain/belt. When you push the button and nothing moves, but you can hear the motor working. You have worn out or broken gears.

Off Track Means any rollers/cables off the spool or out of the track.
All repairs should be made by a qualified service technician, Any questions Call Five Star Doors today.

F.AQ. - Garage Doors

Do you sell just the Amarr brand?

Using Amarr Doors was an easy choice for us. We recently added Safe-Way garage doors to our product line up. Amarr Doors have a section interface designed to reduce serious finger and hand injuries. Safe-Way door provide an excellent garage door at a economical price. The available model options, color and construction make Amarr and Safe-Way leaders in today’s garage door industry. As of 2000, Five Star Doors has been an authorized Ammar sales & service dealer for S.E. Michigan

What Company attributes should I look at when purchasing a new garage door?

Garage door service companies are not all the same. Its surprising how many companies sell doors yet pay a subcontractor to install it. Even more scary is the number of companies popping up on the internet who know zero about garage door repair, promising great deals only to find its an internet geek selling the leads. This may be okay for some people until there is an accident at the home or your home is damaged. All Garage Doors installed by 5 Star Doors come with low-resistance rollers, an additional reinforcement strut, and vinyl exterior seal matching the door color. We stand behind what we sell and install 100% Satisfaction.

Do you provide free estimates on new doors?

We do provide free written estimates. While at the home we will look at three things. First, the size of the door. Second, the headroom or height of the ceiling. Finally, the ease of installation. Only measured estimates are considered valid.

I need to replace my garage door. Should I replace the opener too?

That depends upon how old your opener is. Openers that don’t have the safety beams, openers that don’t have a safety reverse and openers that aren’t compatible to your new door should all be replaced. We will provide a free written estimate at your request.

What choices do I have in purchasing a new Garage Door?

When choosing a new garage door there are many options available. Visit our garage door page or www.amarr.com

Why would I want an Insulated Garage Door?

Insulated doors keep garages warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A must if here is a bedroom above the garage or if you have a furnace and/or hot water tank in your garage.

I would like to have windows added to my door. What’s the difference between DecraTrim and Decra Glass windows?

DecraTrim inserts snap into place and the inserts are easily removable for cleaning. Decra Glass windows are tempered obscure glass with baked-on ceramic designs.

Why do you add an additional reinforcement strut(s)?

Industry specifications on a 16×7 door is 1 strut and on a 9×7 door is no strut. Reinforcement struts add rigidity to pressure points on a garage door. A 16×7 has its strut across the top of the door. A 9×7 is not specified to have a strut so most companies omit it. A garage door must be properly reinforced at the top as well as the center of the door “another pressure point”. All 16×7 installed doors come with two struts. All one car garage doors come with two struts. All garage doors sold and installed by 5 Star Doors are reinforced above industry specifications

FAQ - Regarding: Garage Door Openers

“You only show Chamberlain and Liftmaster on your opening page, why?
The Chamberlain Group makes both of these openers and both of these models are part of a collection that make up 70% of openers installed in North America.”

Chamberlain openers are easier to repair and parts for them are more readily available. There are many reasons to chose Chamberlain and Liftmaster; safety, reliability, and maintenance free. It’s also the reason why our staff have Chamberlain brand openers on their homes.

“Your pricing on garage door openers are with standard installation. What does standard installation mean?”

Most homes are a standard installation and that just means that the ceilings are lower than twelve feet, there are no obstructions in the way and the door is in a safe working condition. Any installations not standard will be provided a free written estimate before work begins.

“Do you supply the power to the garage door opener?”

It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to supply the power. The cord attached to the opener is 48 inches long.

“On your pricing of garage door openers, what do you mean by 8 foot doors add”

Garage doors come in varying sizes and the width of the door doesn’t matter but the height does. A taller door “more than 7 foot” requires a longer rail assembly to fully open the door. Standard installation still applies and additional labor is included.

‘”Is a chain drive or a belt drive better?”

A belt drive lasts longer and is quieter. A belt drive opener uses a belt instead of a bicycle chain. The belt is made of the same material used inside your car and they are warranted for life. The belt is allowed to flex causing less resistance on your opener. For product information and pricing visit our opener page.

“What is MyQ?”

MyQ technology enables you to tap into even more features for maximum confidence, communication and compatibility.

Pros.. MyQ allows your cell phone and/or computer to operate your door through the internet anywhere in the world. MyQ offers a smart wall button that control more functions of the opener. MyQ allows more remotes to be programmed and virtually eliminate interference.

Cons.. newer technology with “no test of time”. A Gateway device is needed to set up your phone and/or computer at an additional price. Not all cars can be programmed with MyQ unless a repeater is purchased and installed. Also, parts are not always in stock.

“Does a new opener lock my door closed?”

Chamberlain has a Patented PosiLock System. It ensures that the door remains securely locked when it is closed. There must by a secondary means of entry into the garage in case you lose power. If you have an entry door leading into your garage you will be alright. An emergency release will be required (at an additional charge) if you don’t have a secondary means to get into the garage. Check pricing for emergency releases on our opener page.

“What kind of opener do you suggest for bedrooms above the garage?”

Our Chamberlain 1/2hp Belt Drive was designed for this application. This premium opener is quiet with virtually no vibrations. Our Best opener is a 3/4hps “DC Motor” Chamberlain Belt Drive opener. It’s ultra quiet and maintenance-free. For more information view our opener page.

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Evenings Only!
Call between 6:00 PM and  9:00 PM Tonight. If we don’t answer your call, save an additional 10% or 30% total- Leave Name & number where we can reach you tomorrow morning between 8 & 9 AM for same day service and 20% or 30% off our all ready low labor fee  of $109