Michigan Garage Door Installation

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Professional Installers

Garage Doors can range from $500 to over $10,000. Therefore, we take garage door installation very seriously, treating your door like a fine piece of furniture. No two installation are ever the same. Some require a whole new rebuild of door jams and headers

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Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr delivers exceptional quality, durability, and safety. All Amarr residential steel and aluminum doors are Made in Kansas or North Carolina, affirming Amarr’s commitment to sustainability and high quality. Plus, many Amarr doors feature the SafeGuard safety system, preventing users from accidental pinching their fingers when manually opening or closing the garage door.

Safe Way Garage Doors

Chances are no exterior door in your home gets more use than your garage door. The garage door has to stand up to Michigans winters as well as be dependable. Safe Way garage doors are manufactured to meet these challenges, and Safe Way garage doors provide a wide range of styles and options that enhance the look of your home and increasing its value.

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