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Garage Door Off Track

Sometimes your garage door can get off track if it tries to shut and there is an object obstructing its path. It can come off track from  one of the two cables coming off the drum (the result of a broken torsion spring) or a cable that has snapped from normal wear and tear of the tracks or the garage door panels may get out of alignment.

We Can Get You Back On Track! Just as the picture shows, if your door came off One or both tracks your door will tilt at an angle or worst yet fall off entirely. Regardless, your door will not be able to open or close and in its current state presents a safety hazard to anyone standing in the vicinity. Besides, may also increase the overall repair cost. But First: Unplug your opener from the electrical outlet, preventing an unknowing guest from opening the garage door

What Caused This To Happen?

Some events can cause garage doors to jump their tracks. The most common source of damage is from vehicles hitting the rail or garage door itself. Bent or damaged tracks won’t allow the door rollers to operate smoothly, and can cause them to “jump” off track. 

Another reason for doors to fall off their track is a broken cable. In this case, the portion of your door off its track/rail is a secondary symptom of your garage door assembly issue. Cables may break due to normal wear and tear over many years. When one cable breaks, your door will only raise on one side when opened, leaving the broken side hanging. Opening or closing your door in this condition is an accident waiting to happen.

Does your garage door have a bent or rusted out door rail/track?

Your garage tracks play an essential part in the garage door and opener system. If the door cannot open and close smoothly, it can shorten the lifespan of your opener, cables, hinge’s and even become a safety issue should the door come off the rails.

A Five Star Doors service technician will do a 20 point inspection of your entire door system, assess the damage and replace the damaged track. Once the new track is back in place, the service technician will ensure that both rails match up perfectly, and your garage door opens and closes smoothly.

We Can Fix Or Replace

  • Garage Door Off Track Repair
  • Door Track Extensions
  • Garage Door Runners
  • Track Adjustment/Replacement
  • Garage Door Vertical Track
  • We Use Our Own Employees. Professional, Polite, And On-Time
  • Same Day Service In Most Instance's
  • We Service All Current Makes & Model Garage Doors & Openers
  • The Technician Will Call You Approximately 10 Minutes Before Arrival.

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