Garage Door Replacement Detroit Michigan

Garage Door Replacement Detroit - Safeway Model 56

The customer chose to Beautify their home with the Choice Series model 56 by Safe-Way Door. Available in insulated and non-insulated models, the customer selected the non-insulated in Wicker Tan with the attractive short panel design. These doors also offer a variety of windows and color choices. The doors constructed with Heavy-duty steel will provide the customer with long-lasting use and enjoyment while adding value to their home.

The orignal one piece tilt-up door had one working extension spring, was bent in several places, and the bottom door seal was 40% gone. The door was about to implode. Robert removed the old door and installed new door jams and a header to support the new door and hardware. The job was accomplished in about 4 hours  with a clean garage to boot.

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