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Need Garage Door Spring Repair Fast ?

Five Star Doors reached a milestone this year by accomplishing our 100,000 service calls for garage door spring repair. 2020 marks our 30th year in business  serving Metro Detroit residents.

Our torsion spring supplier is Service Spring Corp.located out of Toledo Ohio. They provide the industries best cycle life ( 18,000 ) for  door springs and back that up with a solid warranty.

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Torsion Springs
A.K.A. - Garage Door Coil Spring | Overhead Door Spring | Garage Door Opener Springs | Garage Door Tension Spring
Extension Springs
A.K.A. - Garage Door Side Extension Springs | Tilt Door Springs

Garage Door Springs 101

Extension Springs

There are two types of garage door every kind with a specific spring needed for it to open and close. Single panel doors, tilt-up doors, or one-piece doors use a spring called extension springs. Customers commonly refer to them as Garage Door Side Extension Springs, or Tilt Door Springs. Regardless, Garage Door Extension Spring Installation is pretty straightforward if you know your Garage Door Extension Spring Replacement Size or color.

Cost Of Repairing Garage Door Spring

We compiled a list of legitimate garage door repair companies that when added together perform the majority of spring replacements in S.E. Michigan. Data is based on the latest information provided on Angie’s List and does not account for the number of cycles the springs are rated for.

A-1 Garage Door Repair Systems of Michigan cost of spring replacement for garage door $265
Five Star Doors cost to fix broken garage door spring $210 using coupons
Garage Door Pros cost to change garage door spring $449 and includes new door rollers
Mammoth Door & Construction Services cost to fix garage door spring $250
Precision Garage Door Southeast Michigan cost to replace a spring on a garage door $800
Town & Country Door cost of repairing garage door spring $249


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What To Expect From Five Star Doors

We personally answer all incoming calls and will work with you to accommodate your busy schedule.  Andrew, James, Eric, Tyler, and Robert are some of the best trained and competent spring replacement technicians in the industry.  They are on-time, polite, professional, and bound to Five Star Doors overall goal of complete customer satisfaction.

28 Sizes Of Garage Torsion Springs

Where many repair companies pose as a local, hands-on repair company, we are one of the few door repair businesses that perform 100% of all spring replacements. We stock 28 different size torsion springs for seven and eight foot doors and have the ability to provide extended life springs custom made for you door. Our service vehicles are well stocked, so rest assured it’s fixed right on the first visit. Click here for our current promotion.  

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Premium Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs Common Industry Repair Practices

Torsion Springs - Heavy Side

Say, for the sake of argument your door weight is 180 lbs and Company A replaces your broken springs engineered to lift a 150 lb door. In this case, the door would be 30lbs out of balance or 30 lbs too heavy. To compensate, the service person would add more winds onto the garage door springs, and no one’s the wiser. This adjustment drastically reduces the life of the spring and can damage your door and door opener beyond repair.

Torsion Springs - Light Side

But what if company A replaces your torsion springs engineered to lift 210lbs. Again the door is 30lbs out of balance and is too light. To compensate, the service person would reduce winds onto the spring, and no one’s the wiser. By removing winds off the springs it may keep the door closed, but now there are not enough winds on the springs to keep enough cable tension on the spools up above. A light garage door is the most dangerous of improper balancing. You would not want the door to shoot up into the open position when the red rope was yanked. Doors that are too light can be dangerous to use.

Keep in mind. Once the service person installs your new garage springs, they would reinstall your garage door opener back up. Hiding any underlying issues.

A light garage door is the most dangerous of improper balancing. You would not want the door to shoot up into the open position when the red rope was yanked. 

We come across several homes every day with unbalanced garage doors. Although there are several reasons for this, the most common reason is our competition may only stock 6 – 8 sizes of garage springs due to cost, storage and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A neighbor of mine paid over $400 for a set of springs, are your prices that high?

We buy in bulk to get the best possible pricing. There are many companies that have their service technicians work on sales and repair commission.  Therefore, the more they sell the higher the commission.  5 Star Doors service technicians are hourly employees and are not paid on commission.

What if I don’t know the springs are broken, the door just won’t open?

When the 5 Star Doors service technician arrives he will diagnose the problem, provide you a free written estimate to fix and repair your garage door issue.

Other Companies charge more for 2 springs, Why so much price difference?

We buy in bulk to serve the thousands of rental properties we are under contract with, and avoid high cost advertising. Our stock torsion springs are from Service Spring Corporation and  made in the USA.  The door is weighed providing the right balance for hand use and minimizing unwanted stress on the opener and door.  All spring replacements come with adjusting and oiling of the door and all springs come with a written warranty.

How long has 5 Star Doors been replacing garage springs ?

Five Star Doors has been a leader in spring replacement since 1990.  My portfolio also includes several long standing contracts with high-end apartment and condo complexes.  Angie’s List also selected Five Star Doors the top spring replacement company in S.E. Michigan for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Why is weighing the door so important?

Garage doors are extremely heavy.  A door too heavy or light can endanger the person operating the door.   5 Star Doors weighs all garage doors to maximize safety.

How are the springs properly sized and/or balanced to my door?

Our technicians weigh your door using a scale to properly balance your door.  If you have an odd weight we can install the correct springs that will work for the garage door.

I have a two car garage door with a broken spring. Do you replace one or both springs?

 We generally replace them as a pair.since the other spring is most likely to snap soon. All two car garages will have two new springs installed.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Reviews

Garage Door Torsion Springs, Bloomfield Hills, 5/5 Stars.  “I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I got same day service at a price that couldn’t be beat.” Steve Y. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Garage Door Torsion Springs, Birmingham, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Shane was knowledgeable  I am so happy with my garage door it opens so easy now with the new springs. Our garage door was fixed within 15 minutes!” Lambert K. Birmingham, Michigan

Garage Door Torsion Springs, Canton, MI – 5/5 Stars.
“The door springs replacement job was done quickly at a very fair price.” Gene M. Canton

Garage Door Torsion Springs Garden City Mi – 5/5 Stars “Five Star Doors is definitely a five star company. What a great experience dealing with the technician Andrew. Informative, professional and trustworthy. Did not try to sell me something I didn’t need. Prices very reasonable and the work well done”
Gail S., Garden City, Michigan

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Over 10,000 Five Star Review Cards For Garage Torsion Springs,

Broken Torsion Spring Repair Northville, MI – 5/5 stars.
“This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had when calling someone to perform work on my garage door.” Robert S. Northville

Garage Door Torsion Springs Plymouth, MI – 5/5 Stars; “First time in 40 years my garage door is balanced the way it should be. Now I know the reason my openers gears only last a year or two. Wouldn’t hesitate to call for garage door needs.” John R. Plymouth, Michigan

 Torsion Spring Replacement, Pontiac, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Thank you Five Star Doors for your quick response even when you were already busy. Andrew was very informative and professional. Would use again. Thank you!”” Mike Pontiac, Michigan

Garage Door Torsion Springs Utica, MI 5/5 Stars
“I would highly recommend 5 Star Doors for their responsiveness, honest, fair pricing and quality of work. Great at replacing garage door springs/ garage opener repair.” 

Torsion Spring Replacement Warren, MI 5/5 Stars
“He assessed the problem, knew I needed the torsion spring replaced. He had the part right on his truck, so he fixed it right then. It took about hour tops, and he was on his way. Fair price, garage door fixed, I would use again.” Scott C. Warren, Michigan

Garage Door Torsion Spring, Garage Door Seal, Westland, MI – 5/5 Stars – Shane showed up on time, did a good job, no issues, and very happy. Stan O. Westland, Michigan

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