Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Replacement

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring Conversion

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster System

The Wayne Dalton Torquemaster system was developed to improve on the traditional torsion spring system. The spring bar/torsion tube remains  The spring bar/torsion tube remains mounted on the header above the garage door like any standard system. However, the TorqueMaster system hides the springs within the spring bar/torsion tube. The weight of the garage door will determine the number of springs needed.

The Torquemaster system also utilizes small plastic drums mounted on each end of the spring bar/torsion tube. Each cable wraps around the plastic drums and connects to the bottom door bracket. With the Torquemaster design, the springs provide the capability to counterbalance the weight of the door leaving the cables and drums to lift and lower the door.

Torquemaster Pro's & Cons

Garage Torsion springs are subject to natures elements in most garages, our Michigan winters, and moisture from humidity have an impact on the life span of the spring. The Torquemaster system has no exposed springs coils or drums, just one single galvanized tube that creates a finished display and protects from moisture.
The drawback of an enclosed system is unless you hear the spring snap “loud bang” it’s hard to tell if the spring is good or bad. A broken spring will cause the door opener to lift the full weight of the door. This will shorten the life of your door opener if nor replaced.

worn opener gear ,result of a broken/neglected torquemaster spring.
Worn opener gear ,result of a broken/neglected Torquemaster spring

Five Star Doors has Two options available for homeowners with a Wayne Dalton garage door. There is no right or wrong solution. It’s a matter of preference. Both options offer a similar cycle life span.

  • Option One, we can replace your broken torquemaster springs with genuine Wayne Dalton parts. 
  • Option Two, convert your Wayne Dalton torquemaster system to a traditional torsion spring. The conventional torsion spring will cost less in the long run than the Torquemaster system. The conversion cost is slightly higher than the Torquemaster replacement. But future spring replacements will cost substantially less.

Spring System Conversion Package

  • Two (2) Torsion Springs
  • Torsion Tube
  • End Bearings & Brackets
  • Center Bracket
  • 20 Point Inspection
  • Oiling & Adjusting
  • Recycling of Old System
  • We Use Our Own Employees. Professional, Polite, And On-Time
  • Same Day Service In Most Instance's
  • We Service All Current Makes & Model Garage Doors & Openers
  • The Technician Will Call You Approximately 10 Minutes Before Arrival.

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